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Life skills are a range of psycho-social and cognitive abilities that equip individuals to make informed decisions and choices to manage their emotional well-being and communicate effectively.

Research has found the potential power of life skill development to be equivalent to or exceeding that of academic skills. It has highlighted that interventions focusing on social and emotional learning show measurable benefits that supersede its costs, often by a large margin.

A well-structured life skills education not only targets academic performance and excellence but also aims for personal growth and satisfaction, building citizenship and reducing risky behaviour. It employs participatory and experiential teaching programmes resulting in a collaborative learning environment that makes learning last a lifetime.


To inspire the children and build confidence in them to think big and aim higher in life

To develop skills to live life effectively and have a positive outlook on life

To improve quality and performance levels of students in these schools

To constantly innovate and look for opportunities to add value to the children

To face the examinations more “confidently” and “score higher marks”

To enhance teaching skills of the teachers in these schools

To improve quality and performance levels of teachers in these schools

 programme outlines

  • Life Skills Sessions

    The focus is to teach students 10 broad life skills recommended by the WHO through different topics.

  • Talent Development Programme

    This is conducted in all schools with a purpose of making students realise their own potential and to help nurture their talent at a young age.

  • Awareness Programme

    It provides a platform for students to participate in social and environment-related projects through road shows, awareness campaigns etc. The purpose is to be aware and spread awareness on global issues such as terrorism, saving the environment etc.

  • Leadership Development Programme

    The purpose is to nurture leadership skills by creating different committees in the school which are run by the students.

  • Help Centers

    Comprises of trained counsellors who provide counselling to students.

  • Study Skills Programme

    This session addresses students of 10th grade to face the examinations confidently and score higher marks.

  • Principal and Teachers Workshops

    The workshops are conducted for principals and teachers on different topics that ensure personal and professional development.


Transformations after TDP Participation

Dealing with examination fear

Understand the social life and social values

Developed increased concentration level in studies

Utilisation of opportunities and time

Effectively coping with stress and problem solving techniques

Developed a sense of responsibility towards the society and family


Akshaya Life Skills

Askhaya Patra Foundation,

2006-2013 | 4,50,000+ Students

Bengaluru, Mysore, Hubli-Dharwad, Jaipur, Hyderabad.


Manipal Life Skills

Manipal Foundation,

2011-2013 | 1,50,000 Students

Bengaluru, Mysore, Gulbarga, Mangalore, Nathdwara, Doda & Bhaderwah (Jammu).


BESCOM Life Skills

Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Ltd.

2013-2014 | 13000+ students

Bengaluru, KGF, Tumkur, Hiriyuru, Davanagere, Ramnagara.


Embassy Life Skills

Embassy Group

2015 – 2017 | 5000+ students

Bengaluru & Bengaluru Rural.


Tenax Life Skills


2016 – 2017 | 3,000+ students


Partners & Sponsors


Civic awareness refers to the foundation that makes people active participants in the fabric of their community and beyond. Propagating civic awareness has become an urgency today. If a nation wants to progress, the citizens have to have the knowledge & understanding of their roles & responsibilities in the country’s democracy. They need to know the different ways in which they can contribute to the welfare of their country. For a country to be fully developed, empowering the citizens is of utmost importance.

In past few years, we have noticed many changes around us.

The population explosion,

The increasing pollution,

The exploitation & corruption has drastically increased in our country.

Every newspaper in every city stand witness the plight of the citizens that is caused by a huge dearth of water & electricity. We don’t even feel safe in our neighborhood anymore. All these and more problems are plaguing our lives more & more as days go by. It is very difficult to ignore these pressing issues & move on but at some point the citizens feel like victims, who can only complain. We all complain about the poor law system in our country. We complain about the degrading quality of life in our country. We also complain about the poverty and illiteracy in our country. And the culprit is always “the corrupt government”.

Many of us remain ignorant to the fact that we, the citizens have been given a lot of power & responsibilities that can make a difference to the social-economical as well as political scenario of our country. For a brighter future & a better tomorrow we need to be aware today. We need to start from today to make our country a better place for our future generations.

To be the change that we want to see around us, it is essential to educate our children & instill the values of a good citizen from the very beginning. As responsible adults, we should give our best to mold our children to become better citizens of tomorrow. The future of education & holistic growth of a child is dependent on the level of civic awareness in them.

No country is perfect, and it takes a long time to bring about a change but even the smallest efforts can move mountains. To achieve this, it is important to enlighten and empower the children of today with values of active citizenship.


Vision: Transforming every child of today into an Active Citizen of tomorrow contributing to an improved Quality of Life.

Mission: To incorporate the Bala Janaagraha Programme into the Core Curriculum of Schools at the National & State levels.

Impact:  From 170 students in 5 schools in Bangalore in 2002 to approximately 40,000 students in 527 schools in 25 cities in 2015-16. The Programme since inception has, till date, reached out to over 1,25,000  students.

The objectives of Janaagraha are to make a measurable difference in Quality of Citizenship, and Infrastructure and Services in Urban India. Towards this end, Janaagraha runs a flagship Programme called Bala Janaagraha, a practical Civic Education Program which aims to transform today’s children into active citizens of tomorrow by empowering school children of Urban India with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to develop a deep sense of ownership and responsibility towards their society and neighborhood. Children of eighth standard are the participants. This Programme demystifies the concept of local governance, and stresses the need for citizen participation in local governance, thus catalysing change.

The goal of the Bala Janaagraha programme is to encourage the youth of India to become informed, responsible and active citizens by making good citizenship values an integral part of every child’s education. It is a uniquely designed, carefully thought out civic education programme conducted for Grade VIII students of government, aided and private schools in Bangalore and other urban centres.

The revised curriculum designed by the Bala Janaagraha team, encompassed in a resource book titled “I Change My City” (currently available in 3 languages. Telugu, Tamil and Marathi versions are being planned)

An e-module which is a computer-playable game modified to complement the new curriculum and consisting of various activities that help reinforce the learning from the curriculum sessions.

A civic project – the introduction and in-school discussions of a practical project in which students apply what they have learnt in the classroom to one aspect of urban India in a practical, tangible way. In addition, there is an out- of- school element also where the students inform, involve and engage in the exploration of civic issues directly related to their community and neighbourhood and wherever possible, propose innovative, simple and practical solutions while working with the elders, teachers, classmates and officials of various departments as well as the elected representatives.

The civic fests- a platform at which, students present their work and views from throughout the year and are recognised for their efforts accordingly. School level selections, cluster level competitions at facilitator level (Mini Civic Fests), then City level and finally the National Level Civic Fest are conducted.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
― Nelson Mandela